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Chronically Connected

How We Got Our Start

Hello to you all and thank you so, so, much for wanting to be involved in Chronically Connected.

I am so excited to share this with you and work with all of you to grow this platform.

I will share the ‘mission statement’ or whatever you call it for this kind of platform!!

Chronically Connected was designed to be a platform for those in this wonderful community to be able to share their stories and self-promote themselves. All in aid of raising awareness of chronic conditions and living with invisible illnesses. The goal of Chronically Connected is to enhance the understanding and awareness of the general public through sharing real and present narratives. This is proved to be so important in current times, especially for us younger people that have to intangibly struggle every day. It is ultimately down to us to raise our voices, share and attempt to break the stigma around invisible illnesses.

Now, as I said before, it is so good that we all understand that we just don’t have the energy to do a lot so I will say this in advance – there is no pressure for any one of us (including myself) within any of the roles. If we plan something and then shit happens and it doesn’t get done – that is fine. Life happens. For example, I said that I was going to post blog posts fortnightly and I’ve done about 2 in the last 3 months. And no way am I going to stress about it. So no way are any one of us going to stress if someone does have the time or doesn’t have the energy to do something we said we’d do!

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